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Medical Waste Disposal

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Choice MedWaste is a licensed medical waste disposal company servicing all of Delaware to Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA to Eastern Shore of Maryland. We handle medical waste disposal for clients in all of Delawae to Lancaster and Philadelphia, PA. Our company strives to be your local resource for safe and cost efficient medical waste disposal. Our goal is to educate our customers on anything relating to regulated medical waste and how it should be safely packaged and disposed of.

Medical waste disposal on the surface is a simple service to provide; however, ever changing regulations, state specific rules, and the concern over public safety transforms the medical waste disposal industry into a complex environment. For example, when we do biohazard waste disposal in Lancaster, we have 72 hours to dispose of the waste. In Dover and Wilmington, DE, we have upwards of two weeks to dispose of the biohazard waste. To keep track of all these regulations, our company is a member of the National Waste and Recycling Association along with the Healthcare Waste Institute. We hold semi-annual meetings and an annual convention with fellow medical waste disposal companies and vendors throughout the United States. Our companies utilize these meetings to discuss new regulations affecting the disposal and removal of biohazard waste. The Healthcare Waste Institute comments on proposed regulations and works alongside groups like Department of Transportation, Center for Disease Control and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Our goal is to ensure the safe disposal of biohazard waste is at the forefront of new regulations affecting this industry. This group of haulers allows our company to assist our clients in many different ways. It provides a vast network to answer seemingly simple medical waste disposal questions that turn into more complex discussions.

With all these challenges listed above, how can Choice MedWaste provide medical waste disposal services better than its competitors? Although we offer all the standard products of any medical waste company, our company strives to do the little things the other companies won’t pay attention to. Whether you are in Newark, DE or West Chester, PA, never feel pressured to sign packaged contracts with unused services unless you require them. If our online compliance training software and medical waste disposal services fit your company, we can find a price point to include both. If you handle your OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen, HIPAA, etc. training internally, our company will not require you to pay for the additional software. Never worry about making sure the labels are on your containers, our drivers come prepared with labels and tape to seal up your container properly. If you do not have waste to be picked up or vice versa and need an additional pick up outside your normal schedule, there are no additional fees besides your standard per box pricing for the pick-up. This includes all emergency pickups of biohazard waste disposal to all our customers from York, PA to West Chester, PA to Dover, DE and more. Medical waste disposal schedules should not be stressful for your doctors, office managers, or staff. Our company works with you to determine the best schedule for your biohazard waste removal. Due to our local presence, we do not charge additional fees for extra stops during business hours. Never feel pressured to produce medical waste when you do not have any.  Your previous company may have charged you a minimal pick-up fee regardless if there is waste or not. That will not happen with us. Our goal is to change these experiences.

Choice MedWaste promises to maintain a professional, reliable and safe operation when removing your sharps & biohazard waste. Bruce & Matt Georgov created this company to offer our local healthcare providers a cost effective and customer focused option for medical waste disposal. We promise to always put our customers’ needs first and show you the brighter side of safely handling the removal of biohazard waste. Whether you are in Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, Easton, MD, Lancaster, PA, Dover, DE, Newark, DE or York, PA, give us a call – a free quote and evaluation only takes 15 minutes! We would be more than happy to meet in person to evaluate your needs and produce a customized service for your facility.


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