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A vast majority of our client base from Dover, DE to Montgomery County are dentists. Dental facilities generate a long list of different waste streams that include dental hazardous waste, sharps, and red bag waste. Dental facilities use needles daily for a lot of their procedures, which must be placed in proper sharps containers that are rigid and puncture-proof. These containers must then go inside a red bag inside a labeled medical waste box. Although our dental facilities do not generate a vast amount of medical waste, we have programs set up to handle the minimal amounts of medical and hazardous waste in dental facilities. For proper dental waste disposal, Choice MedWaste offers per-box pricing with a customized pickup schedule. Some of our busier dental offices have their waste picked up on a bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule, while other dental facilities have theirs picked up on an on-call basis. These options give our dental practices the flexibility they deserve. The smaller facilities can choose to only pay when they generate waste, while larger ones can determine a pickup schedule that fits their needs. Whether your facility is located in Philadelphia, West Chester, Lancaster, or York, PA, or in Wilmington, DE, our medical and hazardous dental waste disposal services are available to you.


Hazardous waste in dentistry is a challenge for a lot of local dental facilities. The most common form of hazardous waste from a dental facility is amalgam. Amalgam is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture that is used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. Although Amalgam fillings are not used much today, many current patients still have amalgam fillings that were put in years ago. During other procedures, amalgam may be chipped off or lost down the drain. Amalgam may cause damage to the brain, lungs, and liver in humans, and is also hazardous to the environment. These damaging concerns are why Choice MedWaste offers a mail-back program that can make dental amalgam waste disposal easy for any dental facility in the United States. In addition to the Amalgam containers, new legislation strives to make Amalgam handling even safer. All dental facilities must use an amalgam separation system in order to ensure the proper disposal of amalgam waste, which prevents the dangerous material from entering into local water systems. By law, this must be in the majority of dental facilities by June 14th, 2020. Choice MedWaste provides the amalgam separator itself, which can be easily installed by a local plumber. The separators extract any amalgam before it leaves the facility and enters the public water systems. These filters can also be shipped back and forth once they are full, which eliminates the need to schedule specific pickup dates for amalgam waste.


We proudly offer our dental waste disposal services in the following areas as well as many more.

  • Montgomery County

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Wilmington, DE

  • Easton, MD

  • Lancaster, PA

  • Dover, DE

  • Newark, DE

  • York, PA

  • Delaware

  • West Chester, PA

Hazardous dental waste disposal and infectious waste disposal are two important waste streams at any dental office. Please give us a call today for a quote!

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