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Infectious and Regulated Medical Waste regulations are different in every state. Therefore, many of the states have their own specific requirements for what must be sent to an incinerator versus what can be treated via an autoclave or other technology. It is best practices to send all non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, trace chemotherapy and pathological waste to a medical waste incinerator for treatment regardless what state your facility resides in. 

Currently, our team incinerates all waste we transport. Any pharmaceutical, chemotherapy and pathological waste will be sent to a medical waste incinerator while the bulk of the regulated waste (sharps and red bag material) will be first treated via autoclave and then sent to an incinerator. 

Choice MedWaste has the capability to send any waste streams to a medical waste incinerator that our clients or the regulations require. This includes product destruction for government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, or other industries that have expired or unused items that they want completely destroyed via incineration. 

If you have waste that must be incinerated, please give us a call and we would be happy to see how we can help safely dispose of your waste streams!



Choice MedWate is proud to service various industries in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We offer secure paper shredding, sharps and biohazard waste disposal, product destruction, incineration waste disposal and chemical waste disposal services. Whether you are an academic institution, research facility, incubator, retirement community, surgery center, pharmaceutical manufufacturer, specialty practice, dental facility, tattoo parlor, veterinary clinic or involved in another industry, we would love the opportunity to see how we can support your team!

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