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Did you know that the regulations for Infectious and Regulated Medical Waste vary from state to state?

It's true. This also means that managing your medical waste can be a complex task, especially when it comes to incineration.

But don't worry–that's where Choice MedWaste comes in.

How We Can Help

Understanding State-Specific Requirements

We always stay up-to-date with changes in both laws and guidelines to ensure that your facility remains compliant at all times. With us, you can rest assured knowing that your healthcare waste disposal is being handled per the highest industry standards.

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Incinerating All Transported Waste

Currently, our team incinerates all debris we transport. Any pharmaceutical, chemotherapy, and even pathological waste will be sent to a medical waste incinerator while the bulk of regulated biohazard trash (sharps and red bag material) will be first treated via autoclave and then sent to an incinerator. This allows all our clients the benefit of being zero landfill. 

Handling Broad Spectrum of Waste Types

We also can send any of these streams to an incinerator facility that our clients or the regulations require. This includes product destruction for government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, or any other industries that have expired or unused items that they want destroyed via incineration.

What You Will Get From Our Incineration Waste Services


Expert Handling

We understand your team is busy taking care of patients. Our goal is to ensure segregation at the point of generation is as easy as possible. In certain states like Pennsylvania, segregation is a regulation. It is a best practice in many other states. Choice MedWaste will train, provide color-coded containers, and assist in making easy-to-see instructions for our clients to ensure all waste is documents, packaged, and treated properly. 

Environmental Responsibility

Our incineration process is designed to ensure the destruction of your regulated waste streams, which means no residual could potentially harm the environment.

Peace of Mind

Say you're the administrator of a busy clinic. Between managing your staff, overseeing your patient care, and as well as ensuring the smooth operation of the facility, the last thing you all need is to worry about medical waste management. With us handling it, you can breathe easy knowing that they are being taken care of by experts.

Why Choose Choice MedWaste

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. Whether your facility is located in Sussex County, Montgomery County, Lancaster County, or any other region we service–we treat you as a valued member of our team.

Customizable Service Frequency and Type

We offer a flexible service schedule that aligns with your convenience and all operational requirements. Whether you need daily, weekly, monthly, or On Call/once-a-year pickups–we got you covered.

Training Support for Your Team

Recognizing the importance of proper waste handling, our training programs are designed to equip your staff with the necessary knowledge and skills effectively, promoting a safe and healthy work environment.

Flexible Contracts

Our aim is not just to win your business once, but to earn it every single month. This allows you to make any adjustments as per your evolving needs to ensure our services remain consistently beneficial and relevant to your facility.

Direct Access to Our Team

To ensure that seamless communication and prompt resolution of your queries or concerns, we provide direct access to our team through our office lines and personal cell numbers. You will never dial into a call center or have to go through prompts to have your questions answered. We're just a call away–ready to assist you whenever you need us!

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