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Sustainability is crucial for both our clients and our company. Our goal is to provide the most cost efficient, quality and environmentally friendly regulated waste disposal services. 

Our reusable medical waste container program is our fastest growing service we provide to our clients. It is an easy way to meet sustainability goals through eliminating single use medical waste containers. We have seen clients spend excessive amounts on single use sharps containers, single use medical waste boxes or single use drums for their infectious waste containers. We propose allowing us to provide various size reusable containers that can fit your needs. You will see our most common size reusable medical waste containers below. In addition to the sustainability benefits, there is a massive cost savings from needing to purchase your own containers for infectious waste. We will make the initial capital expenditure to order the containers you need, supply them for free and only charge when we dispose of the waste inside of them. The containers will be washed, dried and returned at each service. 

In addition to offering reusable containers, Choice MedWaste's disposal facility currently autoclaves any waste that does not require direct incineration and then sends that treated waste to a waste to energy solid waste incinerator that helps power a local city. All treated medical waste can be also sent to a landfill if the waste to energy plant changes their operating procedures, has maintenance down time or various other reasons for not accepting treated medical waste. Our team tries our very best to ensure all waste avoids our local landfills and is incinerated. 

If you are interested in learning more about our reusable container program, please do not hesitate to reach out! We will do a free consultation to see if they fit your on site waste operations and create a plan that can be a more sustainable, cost efficient and safe solution for your facility. 


Reusable Container Options


200 Gallon Carts
These are a fantastic option for Large Quantity Generators. They can help with moving large amounts of waste throughout facilities and from multiple floors. These carts are also a good option for on site consolidation from various other size reusable containers. They come with a large clean liner and only red bag waste or sharps in sharps containers can be placed inside this cart. No loose sharps. 

95 Gallon Containers
These are a great option for Large to Medium Quantity Generators. They are a similar size to the garbage bins used at consumers households. These containers are very easy to maneuver through facilities with tight spaces. These containers are also a good option for on site consolidation from various other size reusable containers. They come with an extra large red bag liner and only red bag waste or sharps in sharps containers can be placed inside this container. No loose sharps. 

28 Gallon Bins
These are our most common reusable container across all size generators. These will replace any cardboard boxes or smaller drums you may use to store red bag and infectious waste. We also can provide the hinged lids pictured above as a temporary lid that gives you the benefit of having the waste protected and an easy access point to fill up the container without leaving the red lid on all the time. 

17 Gallon Bins
These are our second most popular container for all size generators. These containers have a permanent lid attached with an easy access hinge. They can replace numerous sizes of single use plastic containers your facility may have on site. 


Choice MedWate is proud to service various industries in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We offer secure paper shredding, sharps and biohazard waste disposal, product destruction, incineration waste disposal and chemical waste disposal services. Whether you are an academic institution, research facility, incubator, retirement community, surgery center, pharmaceutical manufufacturer, specialty practice, dental facility, tattoo parlor, veterinary clinic or involved in another industry, we would love the opportunity to see how we can support your team!

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