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Surgical Waste in DE, PA, MD & NJ

Surgery centers are one of the large quantity generators of medical and surgical waste that Choice MedWaste services. Surgery centers are typically located close to hospitals, medical complexes, and other major medical institutions that generate clinical waste. The team at Choice MedWaste is happy to support our local surgery centers with cost efficient, responsive and professional regulated waste disposal solutions. 


As the most common source of medical and surgical waste, it is imperative for healthcare providers to adhere to guidelines and safe practices when disposing of any sharps or pharmaceutical waste streams. Failure to do so can lead to injury or sickness to hospital and surgery center staff, visitors, and patients. With such an important duty to uphold, healthcare facilities ranging from Newark, DE to York, PA need a waste disposal company they can trust to get it done efficiently and safely.

Choice MedWaste offers a wide variety of services and products to facilitate the disposal process at an incredible value. From compliance software to customized and scheduled pickups, Choice MedWaste is the one-stop-shop for each healthcare provider’s disposal needs, no matter the difference in the specialty.


Hospital waste disposal and hospital waste management are very similar to that of a surgery center. In most surgery centers, biomedical waste management includes large and small sharps containers, as well as numerous different styles of medical waste boxes. Some centers use reusable containers, pharmaceutical containers, or standard cardboard boxes with red bags. Choice MedWaste can supply all the containers requested to handle the medical waste. The large 18 Gallon sharps containers help with some of the more challenging to package surgical waste streams – for example, the larger surgical instruments and tubing.


Hospital waste management and biomedical waste management involve more than picking up cardboard boxes for disposal because Choice MedWaste understands its clients’ needs. When it comes to surgery centers and surgical waste, Choice MedWaste is well-versed in the schedules, supplies, and services needed to keep the operation moving as smoothly as possible. Products include disposable sharps containers, large multi-gallon sharps containers, chemotherapy sharps containers, red bags, and medical waste boxes. Choice MedWaste will not charge additional fees for extra stops during regular business hours, or tack on minimal pick-up fees for days where there is not as much waste. No matter how much or little a facility needs, Choice MedWaste always puts its customers first.


Choice MedWaste is licensed to provide medical waste disposal services in metropolitan areas of Wilmington, DE, Easton, MD, and Philadelphia, PA, as well as Lancaster, PA and West Chester, PA. Our experts have our customers’ needs in mind and strive to go above and beyond in all things medical waste. Choice MedWaste offers surgical waste disposal services in the following areas as well as many more.

  • Montgomery County

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Wilmington, DE

  • Easton, MD

  • Lancaster, PA

  • Dover, DE

  • Newark, DE

  • York, PA

  • Delaware

  • West Chester, PA

If you have any questions regarding safe needle disposal, hospital waste management, clinical waste disposal, or biomedical waste management, do not hesitate to contact our team. Our services extend through Montgomery County, York, PA, Dover, DE, and surrounding areas in Delaware. Please give us a call and see how we can help!

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