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Training and Compliance Solutions for Medical Waste Generators


In the realm of pharmaceutical waste disposal, compliance is not just a matter of ticking off boxes—it’s about ensuring the safety of all your employees, patients, and the public. Your team must have the knowledge of understanding what is hazardous vs. infectious as well as what waste streams you should segregate on site so everything is tracking appropriately. 

Here at Choice MedWaste, we understand its complexity, which is why we now proudly offer comprehensive online training for your healthcare team.

Simplified Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal Compliance & Training

Designed to be all-inclusive and user-friendly, it provides:

Online Modules

.Covering all mandatory compliance training, they are all created with clarity and simplicity in mind, ensuring your team understands and can effectively implement all necessary procedures.

Fourteen Complimentary CME Courses
All designed by experts, provide valuable insights into various aspects of medical waste management.

A Library of Resources–that Expands Monthly!
This includes articles, guides, FAQs, and more, all aimed at providing you with the most current and comprehensive information on medical waste management.

A User-Friendly Portal and Virtual Log
Easy for your team to access and also allows you to track progress and ensure all training requirements are met.

Toll-free Live Support
Available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET every business day, we're here to assist you–ensuring you always have help when you need it.

A Reliable Team of Experts
Our team includes experienced professionals from various fields, including a registered nurse and an attorney for you to receive accurate, relevant guidance on all matters.

More Than Just a Software—It's a Complete Resource Hub.

waste removal companies software

It provides in-depth coverage of key topics like:

• Understand the Purpose of OSHA
• Review the Employer Responsibilities and Employee Rights under OSHA
• Learn the OSHA Standards Applicable to the Healthcare Setting
• Overview of Violations and Penalties

HIPAA Privacy
• Understand Purpose of HIPAA
• Explain Responsibilities of Covered Entities and Business Associates
• Learn about Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information
• Overview of Notice of Privacy Practices
• Review Case Examples

Dept. of Transportation
• Define RMW
• Labeling, Marking, Packaging, Storing, and Preparing RMW for Transport
• Safety and Security Awareness

It also includes human resources guidance, providing resources on topics such as workplace bullying prevention and the basics of the Family Medical Leave Act. Plus, we provide instructions on CMS General Compliance and combating Medicare Part C and D Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

You can find these and more than 50 other optional resources as part of our ever-expanding Training Zone!

Why Choice MedWaste Compliance Solutions

medical waste removal companies

Adherence to Rules and Regulations

We stay informed about the latest rules and regulations in clinical waste management and design our services to ensure your practice meets all the necessary standards, helping you avoid any legal complications.

Reducing the Risk of Fines or Penalties for Infectious Waste and Sharps

We help mitigate risks by providing your team with clear and concise information about regulations and best practices through our training programs and also offer you tools and resources to effectively monitor your compliance status. This includes on site visits to discuss and see first hand the questions your team has regarding your specific on site operations. 

Equipping Your Team with Infectious and Medical Waste Management Knowledge

We believe that a well-informed team is the backbone of safe and effective hospital waste disposal. That's why our comprehensive training modules cover everything! We provide the knowledge, resources, and support needed to maintain and deliver exceptional patient care.


Let us help simplify the process.

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