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Matt and his team have done some extraordinary work for research laboratories in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. From hazardous chemical waste, trace chemotherapy waste, biological waste, pathological waste, pipettes, sharps and everything in between, Choice MedWaste is becoming a tremendous resource for our local labs in the area. Commercial Research Organizations, Biotech Labs, and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers all generate some form of specialized waste that must be handled independently from solid waste and recycling.


There is a substantial need for lab waste disposal in Newark, DE, Wilmington, DE, Philadelphia, PA, surrounding suburbs and New Jersey. In addition to other areas, these cities/states hold a lot of incubator space as well as fully developed labs that need help with clinical laboratory waste management. In Newark, DE and the surrounding areas, Choice MedWaste works with several labs disposing of both their chemical waste and their regulated medical waste.

Choice MedWaste is proud to being their chemical waste disposal division in 2023. This will allows our team to provide solutions in laboratories directly. By being a member of the Healthcare Waste Institute, Matt and his team regularly meet, network, and speak with various companies throughout the country to find solutions to related problems in the laboratory waste management industry.

Due to our local presence and quality service, we partner with numerous other specialty waste vendors. We assist our clients with medical waste disposal needs while they support us with their expertise of unique waste streams. This cultivates a great relationship and an added benefit for our customers. We are always happy to help research and provide solutions to clients' special waste streams so you do not have to. Our goal is to become your number one resource and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions. 


In addition to chemical waste disposal, our labs in Dover, DE, Lancaster, PA, and West Chester, PA, also have a huge need for biological waste disposal in laboratories. Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) or biological waste is a byproduct of the tests our labs perform for their clients. Most of the labs work on a contractual basis with their customers, which means the volume of medical waste produced fluctuates depending on how large the contracts they have in place are.

Choice MedWaste’s solution is to provide medical waste products and a competitive per-box pricing model that only charges the lab for what they produce. When the lab is bustling, they know the exact cost per box without any overage fees for generating too many boxes of medical waste. When the lab slows down, their invoices decrease because the volume of boxes decreases. Choice MedWaste allows their labs to generate as many or as few boxes a year as they want with custom pick up schedules for every facility.


Lab waste can be a tricky number to predict for the entire year. From Montgomery County to Easton, MD to York, PA and everywhere in between, Choice MedWaste is happy to be our laboratories’ local resource for chemical waste, trace chemotherapy waste, clinical waste and other biological lab waste disposal in laboratory needs. Please give the team a call for the best local solution for lab waste disposal!


We proudly offer clinical laboratory waste management services in the following areas as well as many more.

  • Montgomery County

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Wilmington, DE

  • Easton, MD

  • Lancaster, PA

  • Dover, DE

  • Newark, DE

  • York, PA

  • Delaware

  • West Chester, PA

If you require laboratory waste management services, contact Choice MedWaste today.

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