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Choice Med Waste is a one stop shop for all your medical waste disposal needs. If you do need some help with other waste disposal (hazardous or solid), we can point you in the right direction as well. We personally handle your sharps, chemotherapy, regulated medical, pathological, pharmaceutical and dental amalgam waste streams. When working with our team, you will experience a more customer focused business philosophy. Whether your facility is right in our backyard, Sussex County, Montgomery County, Lancaster County or any other counties we service, you will always be treated as a valued and important part of the team. We will work with you in order to provide the best medical waste disposal solutions for your facility. That can be anything from pharmaceutical disposal to dental amalgam waste disposal. We can customize service frequency, service type, training needs, etc. 


So you get exactly what you are looking for. Creating a two-way relationship seems like common sense; however, most companies do not exceed expectations when supporting their customers. With our flexible contracts, we will earn your business every month rather than locking you into services. Our responsive team at Choice MedWaste is always available directly through our office or through Matt’s cell phone. You will never get an electronic call service prompting you to jump through hoops to get a real person on the phone.

In addition to our standard infectious waste removal, Choice MedWaste is an expert on Amalgam Disposal options for our dental facilities. We sell Dental Amalgam Waste Containers, Dental Amalgam Separators (that every dentist in the United States will need by 2020), and even Tooth containers nationwide. We can ship to anywhere in the United States. Reducing the mercury entering our water systems is a top priority of Choice MedWaste and we look forward to providing these amalgam disposal services to our customers in Lancaster & Bucks County, Wilmington, Delaware, Dover, Delaware, Newark, Delaware and beyond. Call us today to find out what is best for your dental facility!


Customers have voiced their approval of our services and we are happy to provide references if needed. We have plenty of customers in Newark, Delaware and Dover, Delaware that will provide examples of the little things that differentiate us from our competitors. We promise to put your interests first by exceeding your expectations of how a medical waste disposal company should act. Please give us a call! If you are in our neighboring Pennsylvania counties (including Montgomery County, Bucks County, Lancaster County, Philadelphia County etc.), Maryland Counties, or all of Delaware, we will be happy to meet with you in person to introduce our company and business philosophy to you. We strive to be your number one call for medical waste management solutions.

Regulated Medical Waste


The EPA defines regulated medical waste as “healthcare waste that may be contaminated by blood, body fluid or other potentially infectious materials”(OPIM). If your facility is not sure what to treat as medical waste or solid waste, Choice MedWaste is happy to help.


Currently, all individual states have their own infectious or regulated medical waste regulations and it is important to understand the differences depending on where your facility operates. The Department of Transportation only regulates packaging the regulated waste for transportation. Below are some best practices in the industry that we communicate with our clients.


Segregation and Treatment of Waste

In certain states, like Pennsylvania, it is required to segregate your medical waste streams at the point of generation. This is a best practice across the industry that helps ensure the proper tracking and disposal of incineration versus autoclavable waste. There are certain colored plastic containers that can be used for various waste streams. For example, yellow signifies trace chemotherapy, white and blue signifies non-hazardous pharmaceuticals and red signifies your most common biohazard sharps. If your facility is utilizing cardboard boxes for packaging, there should be an area to identify the waste streams in each box. This could be as simple as an area to write the specific waste stream or a box to check identifying the waste currently in the container. This helps the transporter ensure that the waste is being sent to the proper disposal facility. All medical waste does NOT have to be incinerated but some does.



Autoclaves are machines that treat medical waste and render the material noninfectious through the use of steam and high pressure. You must treat medical waste before it reaches its final disposal site in order to reduce the spread of pathogens and infectious substances. This technology is used in numerous healthcare and research facilities on a smaller scale and is the primary treatment method for medical waste. Medical Waste Disposal facilities use extremely large autoclaves to treat forklift size carts of infectious waste. Once the waste is treated for a certain amount of time with the high pressure and team, the waste can be transported to a permitted solid waste landfill or incinerator. Autoclave waste includes the majority of regulated medical waste - red bag, sharps, bloody products, etc.


Incineration Waste:

Incineration waste includes trace chemotherapy, pathological and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste streams. These items should be segregated out from your other regulated medical waste so you can track and confirm they go to a permitted medical waste incinerator. Incineration is a common form of treatment for various regulated waste streams but it does come at a high price point than autoclaving the waste due to strict air emission regulations, permitting challenges and various other operational costs. Segregating your waste streams helps mitigate these increased costs for your facility.


Amalgam Waste:

Amalgam is used in dentistry and is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture. Amalgam Waste includes amalgam scrap, chair-side trap filters container amalgam, vacuum pump container amalgam, amalgam capsules, extracted teeth with amalgam and any waste items container amalgam in them. Per the EPA, effective July 14, 2020 all existing dental practices are required to have an Amalgam separator system in place to reduce the risk of Amalgam entering our local waterways. Choice MedWaste utilizes Solmetex to provide dental facilities an easy one stop solution for all their Amalgam separator needs. We offer their mail back program to all our clients and can assist in finding the right product for any size facility.


Hazardous Waste:

Hazardous Waste is a broad description of many different waste streams from our clients. It can include RCRA Pharmaceuticals, batteries, light bulbs, chemicals, lab packs, used oil, etc. Our team works with our clients to help identify what items are hazardous, infectious or solid waste so our clients know the best method for final disposal. Hazardous waste is not infectious or biohazard waste. It is its own separate waste stream that needs to be handled with an EPA manifest. These waste streams are commonly taken to transfer stations throughout the United States so they can consolidate and send full tractor trailer loads to their final hazardous waste disposal facility (incinerator, fuel blending, etc.). Our team has received so many requests for transporting hazardous waste from current clients, we have started a hazardous waste division run by Ryan Georgov to deliver a local solution.


Paper Shredding:

As most industries start to transition to a completely virtual environmental, there is still a need for paper in the industries we service. We assist clients in secure disposal of paper from their administrative or daily business activities. Whether it is a one time purge or reoccurring pick ups, the team at Choice MedWaste has various size bins and consoles to support your team. After the paper is securely shredded, it will be collected, bailed and sent to a recycling facility in order to be reused in the future.



Shipping Papers/Manifest Management:

For Regualted Medical Waste, the paperwork that is required for documenting the waste being picked up and transported is called a Shipping Paper. This terminology can be interchanged with a Manifest; however, the true definition of a manifest is for hazardous waste only. Regardless if you call the shipping papers or manifests, Choice MedWaste is happy to store and provide any previous paperwork you should need. Upon picking up your medical waste, our team will have four carbon copies of the paperwork with them. The first page is the original that travels with the waste until it reaches its final treatment site. The second page is a copy for the generator to show we arrived and picked up a certain amount of boxes. The third page is our copy that we hold to ensure we have a record of making the pick up. The fourth and final page is the copy that the treatment facility can hold onto if they needed to. Once the original first page is signed by the treatment facility, it will be scanned in and uploaded to your account as well as emailed or mailed back to you.


Our online portal allows our clients to look up any previous regulated medical waste manifests/shipping papers. The 'LOG IN' link at the top of the page. Your username is your account number with location number (no need to include all the zeros). Your password is the telephone number matched with your master billing account. If you need help accessing the portal, please give our office a call!


Choice MedWate is proud to service various industries in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We offer secure paper shredding, sharps and biohazard waste disposal, product destruction, incineration waste disposal and chemical waste disposal services. Whether you are an academic institution, research facility, incubator, retirement community, surgery center, pharmaceutical manufufacturer, specialty practice, dental facility, tattoo parlor, veterinary clinic or involved in another industry, we would love the opportunity to see how we can support your team!


Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Services

Choice MedWaste is fully trained to haul non-hazardous medical waste to permitted disposal facilities. We offer a variety of medical waste and sharps containers for our customers. Please see our products page to see the list of containers you might need. If you are inquiring about new services, please call us at the number above or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you!


Please check out our products line to find the best container for your medical waste disposal needs including ; Disposable Sharps Containers, Trace Chemotherapy Containers, and Pathological Containers. 

Sharps Disposal

We offer a variety of different disposable sharps containers that can fit in your businesses. Once these sharps containers are full, just make sure you shut the lids completely and place them into the medical waste container, we can deliver new ones anytime you’re ready!

Compliance Software

We offer a complete online training program to alleviate the need for you to train your employees and track it. The employees can log directly into the training portal and complete the courses on their own schedule. Please call for more details!

Annual Reporting/Manifest Management

Annual reporting and manifest management can all be done through us! In Delaware, Large Quantity Generators as well as the transporters are required to provide annual reports to DNREC. We can provide these details for our customers. Please let us know if you would be interested in document management.

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