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Acceptable vs. Unacceptable Waste

Updated: Feb 7

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

Here at Choice MedWaste, we are fully trained to haul regulated medical waste to our permitted disposal facilities. We offer different regulated medical waste and sharps containers that will fit our customers’ needs, and we can help anyone in Philadelphia, PA that is need of a sharps container disposal company.

Although we are experienced and trained, separating the waste at the point of generation is the most difficult challenge in our industry. We practice the safest form of destruction for all medical waste streams. After the waste is treated via autoclave or incineration, it is safely hauled to a permitted landfill. Our team is only allowed to accept regulated medical waste in PA, MD and DE, and we are proud to be any company’s local resource for medical waste removal. If you require services outside of our area, please let us know as we have a vast network of local haulers throughout the country that will treat you right.

Each facility that generates medical waste is required to understand what types of waste they are generating and how to package them properly. To help our customers figure what is acceptable for us to pick up and what is not, we have compiled a list to demonstrate what our company is able to pick up. It includes:

Acceptable Wastes

  1. Blood products

  2. Items that are saturated with blood

  3. Body fluids that contain potentially infectious microorganisms

  4. Stocks of microbiological agents, such as tissues that are fixed in formaldehyde

  5. Sharps, including needles, syringes, scalpels, slides, pipettes and blood tubes

  6. Potential infectious materials

  7. Non-hazardous and non-narcotic expired medications

  8. Human body parts and organs, as well as small animals

  9. Chemotherapy waste

There are also products that, unfortunately, we cannot take to our disposal locations. Placement of these materials in our containers may require immediate contract termination or fines. Our goal is to help our customers remove their medical waste in the most efficient way possible. This includes educating our customers on what we can and cannot take. If we cannot take a certain item, we promise to do the research for you and get you connected with someone who can. Let us do the leg work!

Unacceptable Wastes

  1. Any material that is not considered regulated medical waste

  2. Any substance that is considered to be hazardous or toxic

  3. Compressed gas cylinder or aerosol containers

  4. Human torso

  5. Incorrectly packaged waste

  6. Materials that are considered to be radioactive according to the Department of Transportation.

This list helps you to distinguish what you can or cannot leave in one of our containers to be picked up, and those that need disposal of sharps in Philadelphia, PA should call us at 302-262-8261.

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