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Understanding Autoclaves and the Medical Waste Disposal Process

Updated: May 16

Medical Sterilizer

When you are comparing medical waste removal companies in Philadelphia, PA, you’re probably focused on finding a team that will dispose of your medical waste quickly, safely and professionally. But do you ever think about what happens to your waste after it is taken away by your waste removal company, or how experts can ensure that biohazardous material is properly treated.

Medical waste disposal companies in Lancaster County such as Choice MedWaste use autoclaves to make sure that the microorganisms lurking in your medical waste are destroyed before the waste is disposed. An autoclave in a closed chamber that applies heat, pressure and steam to treat infectious before it eventually makes it to a permitted landfill or incinerator.

Autoclaves were originally invented as a way to ensure that surgical instruments could be completely sterilized while avoiding human error, but are now used to kill bacteria and cells that can put sanitation workers at risk when disposing of medical waste.

Special autoclaves designed to kill pathogens use a combination of heat and pressure to render the danger of medical waste ineffective and compress the waste. After cooling down, most autoclaves also compact the waste to further reduce the size of the batch. When the waste has cooled, it is significantly smaller in size when compared to its initial entry, and can safely be combined with general waste for disposal.

The autoclave process is ideal for medical waste disposal because it removes the dangers associated with biohazardous materials and reduces the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of, thus reducing the stress on landfills. Learn more about what kind of medical waste goes through the autoclave process below:

Autoclave disposal offers a sterile and chemical-free way to ensure that your medical waste is safely removed from your hospital or office. Interested in learning more about how choosing a company that uses autoclave disposal can help keep workers safe and the environment cleaner? Give our team at Choice MedWaste a call today at 302-766-7575.

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