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Minimizing Risks: Strategies for Effective Biohazard/Hazardous Waste Disposal

Biohazard Waste Disposal Done Right

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More and more companies are trying to reduce the quantity of waste they produce and are choosing to recycle the materials for other productive use. However, it doesn’t eliminate the risk of hazardous waste disposal. It is crucial to partner with a locally permitted regulated waste hauler who can meet on-site to discuss any waste streams your team may not know how to properly document for disposal. This will help avoid violations with local and federal regulating agencies.

Below you will see the top five hazardous waste management strategies to reduce environmental impact, lower disposal costs, and ensure worker health and safety.

  1. Awareness of rules and regulations

Staying up-to-date with the rules and regulations is one of the best strategies for effective hazardous waste management.

First, you should know who to reach out to at the federal and local level to confirm the on-site operating requirements for infectious and hazardous waste management.

Second, you should join local industry associations where you can network and learn the best practices of other companies handling similar waste streams through their operations.

  1. Identify your hazardous waste

Proactively analyzing and characterizing your hazardous waste will help you take a responsible approach to waste management. Wondering whether your waste is hazardous or not? You can always contact our team or local agencies to identify and understand more about your hazardous waste generation procedures

  1. Implement a hierarchy

Once you classify your hazardous waste, the next step is to plan your waste management practices. You can start by identifying where your facility can lessen its waste generation.

After that, look for ways to reduce waste streams that expire before use. It will help you reduce the amount of waste that must be safely handled by a hazardous and infectious waste hauler like Choice MedWaste.

  1. Create a hazardous waste management team

You need to select responsible employees from your management team who can take your waste management program to the next level. They need proper training so that they can get an insight into characterizing, handling, and storing regulated wastes on-site for your facility.

After that, give strict timelines and protocols to ensure safe and hassle-free hazardous waste disposal.

  1. Store your waste in a particular area

Any harmful chemical waste should be stored in a leak-proof container that is compatible with the harmful nature of the material and meets Department of Transportation requirements. Furthermore, you should never mix your toxic waste material with non-harmful material.

If you do, it will lead to reactions or additional hazardous waste that could become more harmful or costly to dispose of. Utilize leak-proof containers that come with impermeable surfaces and keep them closed except when adding waste.

If you are having issues finding specific biohazard or hazardous containers that fit your on-site operations, do not hesitate to give our team a call.

Proper Storage of Harmful Chemical Waste

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Perform daily inspection

To ensure your company is following the standard procedures and maintaining compliance, you need to perform routine inspections of hazardous waste storage areas. It is a great way to reduce the risk of financial penalties and preserve your reputation in the best possible manner.

Transportation safety

Securing your hazardous waste is an important aspect of transportation safety. It will help you reduce the risk of falling, shifting, leaking, or spilling your waste. Along with this, you should also have the licenses, permits, and legal documents to transport your hazardous waste.

Hire professional experts

Don’t have much time or resources to take these measures? Don’t worry! Various hazardous waste risk management companies are ready to take a step ahead to help you with this! To ensure you are choosing the right company, you need to check out their history, level of experience, location, and whether they comply with all the required permits.

Need Professional Assistance?

Choice MedWaste is your one-stop destination to get the best disposal of hazardous waste services. We offer secure paper shredding, product destruction, biohazard waste disposal, chemical waste disposal services, and more. We are aware of all the rules and regulations for disposing of hazardous waste. Contact us today to get more information regarding our services.

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