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How To Properly Dispose of Sharps

Updated: Feb 7

How to Dispose Medical Sharp Objects

When you work at a medical practice, you likely go through hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of sharps goods during any given year. Because of the heavy use of these infectious materials, your staff needs to understand the importance of implementing safe procedures surrounding the use and disposal of sharps.

In this blog, we offer three simple steps your practice needs to take to ensure that the sharps that your facility is using are disposed of in a manner that limits the likelihood of spreading infection, disease, and other harmful affectations.

Pick a Safe Container

The most critical first step your facility needs to take to ensure proper sharps disposal is choosing the correct container to be used in-house for storage and disposal. Most sharps containers are made of a thick, durable plastic that has the words “biohazard infectious waste” inscribed on them.

At Choice MedWaste, we offer sharps containers just like these, ranging in sizes from 5.4 quart to 18 gallons. We also offer sharps container disposal in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas, making us a one-stop-shop for both supply and removal of these goods.

Fill Container to a Safe Level

Most containers are marked on the outside to show a fill level. Should you pass that fill level, the likelihood of a needle stick is much higher. If the containers that your facility receives do not have a designated fill level, best practices are to fill only three-quarters of the way on any given container. This level allows the container lid plenty of room to completely lock shut for transportation and removal

Contact a Waste Disposal Company

As your smaller sharps containers are transferred to a storage area or medical waste boxes in your facility, you will quickly run out of space for your practice to house these materials. It is imperative that you have these materials removed from your facility as quickly and as safely as possible — that’s where Choice MedWaste comes in.

With over 25 years hauling experience, we offer safe and efficient sharps disposal service to Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. We’ll come to your practice, pick up your waste, and deliver it to a safe disposal area.

To learn more about Choice MedWaste and our sharps disposal services, continue browsing our site or call 302-262-8261.

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