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Choice MedWaste Provides Much More Than Just Disposal Services

Updated: May 16

Medical Waste Management Annual Reporting

Here at Choice MedWaste, we know how stressful it can be to dispose of medical waste. Luckily, there is never a reason to worry when using our team, as we use our dedication and experience to give you peace of mind. We are the only company to go to when you need chemotherapy waste disposal in Philadelphia, PA, as we have been in the disposal business for over 25 years.

Our team, which is fully trained, can handle any type of regulated medical waste to our permitted disposal facilities. This includes non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, sharps and pathological waste. We offer a wide-selection of medical waste and sharps containers for your convenience, and we have many items available for sale on our website, such as several different sharps containers. We are incredibly versatile and have the ability to serve those living in Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

While we are known for our sharps disposal services, there is much more we can do for those in the medical profession. Here are several of the other ways that our company can help make your life easier:

Compliance Software. Our complete online training program reduces the stress of having to manage when your employees need to be trained, if they passed the training and documentation proving it was completed. This software is a training portal where your employees can log in and take the course on their own schedule, while you watch their progress.

Also available with this is the ability to store all of your spill plans and safety procedures that your company uses. A certificate validation system comes with this training, and it allows for regulators and inspectors the ability to validate training records without any issues.

Annual Reporting. All of your annual reporting and management of your medical waste can be done through our company. Our Delaware transporters are required to complete these reports annually, and we can provide these details to our customers without a problem.

Those seeking sharps container disposal services in Philadelphia, PA should give us a call at 302-766-7575 for more information.

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