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3 Tips to Help You Prevent Medical Waste Spills

Updated: Feb 7

How to Prevent Medical Waste Spill

As Montgomery County’s top-rated infectious waste disposal service, Choice MedWaste knows how important it is to prevent spills from occurring when dealing with infectious waste materials. So, we put together this list of three tips to help you reduce these risks when handling medical waste. Check out the infographic below and then read on as we further investigate each point:

Coordinated Collection

In order to establish coordinated collection practices, you must ensure that your collection area is organized and that your team is properly trained. There are several considerations to account for, including the different waste categories, how to label different containers for different purposes, and government regulations on a local, state, and federal level. 

Here are some smart ways to avoid spills during collection:

  1. Sort By Waste Category

  2. Keep Waste Containers Close

  3. Keep Sharps in Rigid, Puncture-Proof Containers

  4. Don’t Reach Into Containers

  5. Do Not Fill Containers Past Capacity

  6. Ensure That Bags Are Tightly Sealed

Just make sure to handle spills promptly if they do occur and learn from the accident!

Smart Storage

Since your medical waste removal company isn’t coming every single day, you have to store your waste somewhere away from the staff, and especially away from patients and visitors. A great way to prevent the possibility of a medical waste spill is to ensure that your waste disposal service can easily access to the waste storage site. Many spills occur due to lack of adequate space for moving around with sharp, delicate, and bulky infectious materials. You will also want to keep the waste in a clean storage area to avoid animals like mice, rats, birds, and other pests getting into the containers. For example, our pharmaceutical waste containers in Chester County are just what you need for smart storage.

Smooth Transportation

If you need a smooth ride for your medical waste, you can count on Choice MedWaste for your disposal needs. You might think that your medical waste is no longer your problem once it’s out of your hands, but if you hire a less-than-reliable disposal service, any potential spills in public could reflect poorly on your facility’s brand image. That won’t happen on our watch.

Contact Choice MedWaste today for more information about our services.

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