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3 Disaster Hazards Untrained Employees Should Never Touch

Updated: Feb 7

Proper Handling of Medical Waste

It’s hurricane season, which means that we’ll be seeing more and more property and home damage, as flooding and storms continue to take their toll. OSHA has set out standards to help employees of cleanup crews stay safe no matter where they’re needed. For example, wearing waterproof boots can help to prevent the risk of bacterial infection when walking through flood water.

However, not all hazards are created equal; there are some things that untrained cleanup crews should never mess with. Here are three of the most dangerous hazards that you may see after a disaster that should be left to the professionals.

  1. Medical waste. Choice MedWaste, one of the top medical waste removal companies in Philadelphia, PA, knows that the improper handling of things like hypodermic needles, surgical equipment, and sharps containers can cause serious damage to an employee’s health. Bloodborne illnesses can remain alive on medical waste for days after exposure, so you should never under any circumstances handle these types of materials if you are not trained. Medical waste is one hazard that should always be left to a certified company providing biohazard waste disposal such as Choice MedWaste in Philadelphia, PA.

  2. Wires and downed power lines. The biggest danger with power lines is that it is often impossible to tell if a wire is electrified (live) or not. Many construction workers have electrocuted themselves by grabbing a live wire that was assumed to be dead. To be safe, employees should assume that all wiring is live, and leave wire relocation to workers who are trained and equipped to handle live wires.

  3. Any construction equipment. In the chaos that comes after a disaster, it can be tempting to let the rules slip and allow uncertified employees to operate machinery if they’re really needed. However, doing so can cause an insurmountable amount of damage, ranging from property crashes due to rollovers to deaths from a fall. Never allow any employee without proper training to operate machinery.

If you need help with medical waste disposal or seek related information, contact our professionals at Choice MedWaste today.

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