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Why Hire Choice Medwaste For Sharps Disposal?

Updated: Feb 7

Sharps Medical Waste Collector Company

As the most reputable provider of commercial medical waste and sharps container disposal in Philadelphia, PA, we help businesses comply with state and federal laws. It goes without saying that medical waste can be harmful to the health of individuals and can endanger the safety of anyone exposed to it for prolonged periods. Therefore, it’s crucial that biohazardous materials, pharmaceutical chemical compounds and the tools used to administer them are disposed of correctly and efficiently.

Sharps are some of those tools. Hypodermic needles and other items used to puncture the skin cannot just be thrown in a trash can. Below you’ll find some examples of sharps, and then continue reading to review reasons why you should hire us for your sharps and medical waste disposal.

Legal Compliance

By contracting Choice Medwaste to handle all of your medical waste, you can avoid incurring substantial fines, and even legal action. Poorly handled medical waste, flawed onsite storage, and inadequate transportation can expose your medical facility to the threat of federal action.

We use state-of-the-art waste disposal technology to destroy waste without harming the environment. We also provide evidence of thorough disposal that will help you to prove your waste disposal compliance to both stakeholders and government regulators.


We provide convenient scheduling for all of our clients, arranging medical waste disposal at times that suit your business hours, staff, and working practices. We guarantee to arrive on time, and dispose of all medical and infectious waste both quickly and efficiently, utilizing the highest possible standards of safety.

We avoid any cross-contamination at all costs, using the most secure methods of transportation that are available today. This flexibility, combined with our premium quality of care, means that medical waste disposal worries are a thing of the past for all of our clients.

Medical-Grade Resources

We offer all of our clients fully compliant medical waste resources. This includes puncture resistant, reusable sharps containers, and waste containers, all of which meet the guidelines of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the FDA. Our team is experienced in dealing with every type of medical waste scenario, from chemotherapy byproducts to biomedical waste, needles, syringes, and all sharps. We ensure that all of our clients and their patients are fully protected and satisfied with the services and resources that they receive.

For more information, or to schedule sharps disposal services in Wilmington, DE, and surrounding areas, call Choice Medwaste or click here now.

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