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Keeping Things Flexible & Affordable with Choice MedWaste

Updated: Feb 7

Choice MedWaste Medical Waste Disposal Company

If you’re a small business owner or healthcare professional, you already know firsthand that finding a reliable source of medical waste disposal in Lancaster, PA can become a headache. Unfortunately, many medical waste disposal providers and product suppliers force business owners and managers to sign a long-term contract before delivering the services they need. This can leave medical professionals purchasing more supplies than they need just to meet a quota, forfeiting valuable space in their offices to store excess product and simultaneously wasting money.

At Choice MedWaste, we believe that medical professionals know their business’ needs better than anyone else — and we’re proud to provide a flexible pricing structure without the need to sign long term contracts. Our per box pricing model allows your business to dispose of as many or as few boxes a year as needed. This also allows us to customize service schedules so you only pay when you generate waste. Flat monthly fees and yearly container maximums are never beneficial for your every changing business.

Our biohazard cleanup company in Lancaster County has been serving the medical professionals and facility managers of Pennsylvania for over 12 years, and we’re excited to grow along with your team. From OSHA-approved sharps containers to biowaste removal, we provide the products and services that your business needs to keep your employees and patients — delivered on-time every month without an expensive contract.

If you’re interested in learning more about how choosing Choice MedWaste for your medical waste disposal needs can help you support the growth of your medical practice or healthcare facility, give us a call today at 302-262-8261. You can also pay us a visit online at, where you can read more about our currently available products and services.

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