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Five Quick Tips for Sharps Safety

Updated: May 16

Sharp Medical Waste Disposal

If you work in a healthcare setting, you should be well aware that biohazards present a massive safety hazard to both patients and employees. By putting guidelines into place for proper medical waste disposal in York PA, you can help keep your workplace cleaner and safer. Use these five quick tips from Choice MedWaste to educate employees and coworkers on the accepted forms of sharps handling and disposal.

Plan ahead. Do not begin a procedure or an injection unless you know that there is a sharps container immediately available. If you are going to another medical facility or a patient’s home, do not assume that proper sharps containers will be readily available — instead, bring your own in a safe and secured manner.

Only use approved sharps containers. Only use leak-proof, sealable, puncture-resistant, and labeled containers to hold sharps. Additionally, it is vital that you always make sure that your sharps container is OSHA-approved. Never use a regular trash can to dispose of sharps, as this can put sanitation workers and other employees at risk of needle injuries.

Understand what to do if an accident occurs. If you experience an accidental needlestick, know what to do in the immediate aftermath. Wash the site of contact with warm water and soap, sterilize and dress the area, and seek medical attention right away if the needle was in contact with any bodily fluids whatsoever.

Immediately report all injuries to employers. Acting quickly can allow staff to avoid further injury after an accident and help employers evaluate their sharps disposal process to make sure they are doing enough to prevent employees from being hurt.

Seek professional biohazard disposal. Never rely on standard waste management systems to remove and dispose of biohazardous material. Choice MedWaste provides biohazard waste disposal in Lancaster PA that is OSHA compliant and denatures the dangerous material to prevent injury to healthcare and sanitation workers.

If your sharps disposal process needs a tune-up, Choice MedWaste is here to deliver a safe and professional solution. Contact us by visiting or giving our team a call today at 302-766-7575.

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