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Comprehensive Compliance Training for Healthcare Employees

Updated: May 16

Healthcare Training Program for Waste Management

There are a multitude of challenges that healthcare professionals face in the industry. Not only are medical professionals responsible for providing patients with high-quality care, but they must control operations and staffing costs while following strict compliance requirements. The industry is constantly changing and there are a series of workforce training sessions they must complete as a result of being in the healthcare sector.

Working in the medical field, there is always the risk of exposure to infectious, pharmaceuticals and sometimes hazardous waste. Healthcare professionals should be educated on how to manage medical waste and sharps disposal around Bucks County, PA in order to comply with strict OSHA regulations for safe biohazardous waste removal. Here are five major aspects of medical waste compliance you should know:

An Extensive Compliance Training Solution

First Healthcare Compliance has developed a fantastic training software that helps healthcare facilities ensure their employees have adequate OSHA and HIPAA training. Compliance training for healthcare organizations is key for delivering quality care and managing compliance requirements. Here at Choice MedWaste, we offer their 1st Prep training package to all our customers. Here are some important aspects of our training program:

  1. Online programs that cover all mandatory compliance training. This includes HIPAA, OSHA, Human Resources, DOT, and Fraud/Waste/Abuse.

  2. 14 Complimentary CME (continuing medical education) courses.

  3. Access to an extensive and continually expanding library of resources.

  4. A virtual training log with a user-friendly portal.

  5. Live support available toll-free between 8:30am and 8:00pm ET during standard business days.

  6. An expert team of professionals on staff.

Our compliance training helps healthcare organizations remain up to date and adept in strict regulatory requirements.

The training covers OSHA, HIPAA, Department of Transportation, FRaud, Waste, and Abuse, and Human Resources Training. Here is a quick breakdown of the areas we’ll focus on within each category:


  1. OSHA General




  1. HIPAA Privacy

  2. HIPAA Security/HITECH

Dept. of Transportation

  1. Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

  1. CMS FWA

Human Resources Training

  1. Employee Orientation

  2. Federal Discrimination & Harassment Prevention Training for Employees

  3. Workplace Bullying Prevention for Employees

  4. Basics of the Family Medical Leave Act (CME available)

Medical facilities, laboratories or surgery centers searching for medical waste and sharps disposal services in Montgomery County, PA can turn to Choice MedWaste for sharps containers ranging from 5.4 quarts to 18 gallons as well as medical waste boxes (cardboard or reusable). Ensure your staff is properly educated in standard regulatory requirements by enrolling in our First Healthcare Compliance training. For more information, please contact us at 302-766-7575.

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