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5 Medical Waste Products Currently Available From Choice MedWaste

Updated: May 16

Choice MedWaste Medical Waste Container

If you are a medical professional, you already know that having the correct containers for medical waste disposal in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas isn’t just about keeping your facility compliant with federal laws and regulations — it’s also about the health and safety of your employees and patients alike. Choice MedWaste is a biohazard company in Philadelphia, PA who is proud to offer a number of products and services to keep your medical facility running smoothly and safely. Some of the products currently available from the professionals at Choice MedWaste include:

Standard red sharps containers — Ubiquitous red sharps containers from Choice MedWaste come in a variety of sizes ranging from 5.4 quarts to 18 gallons, providing options for both small offices as well as industrial medical facilities, surgery centers or laboratories. Customers have a number of lid options that can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of the facility.

Chemotherapy sharps containers — Chemotherapy waste and sharps require their own type of container to ensure employee safety. Trace chemotherapy containers from Choice MedWaste are available with distinguishing “Sharps/Chemotherapy” stickers and port lids that lock completely for safety and security.

Red biohazard bags — Special red biohazard bags are required in order to allow sanitation experts to differentiate between standard waste and medical waste. Choice MedWaste offers a variety of bag sizes suitable to fit any one of their medical waste containers.

Sharps wall mounts — A knocked-over sharps container can quickly lead to injury and even illness. Our wall mounts securely lock sharps containers into place with a key, eliminating the risk of accidental injury due to spillage or people trying to break into them.

Medical waste boxes — Cardboard boxes clearly labeled with bright red biohazard symbols, biohazardous waste disposal procedures, and the contact information of Choice MedWaste make proper sanitation and staff safety simpler than ever.

Anyone who is in need of medical waste removal that would like to purchase any one of the medical waste containers currently available from Choice MedWaste is encouraged to make the call to 302-766-7575 or visit to get started today.

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