We offer a complete online training program to alleviate the need for you to train your employees and manage their progress. Your employees can log directly into the training portal and complete the courses on their own schedule. This covers DOT, HIPAA, Bloodborn Pathogens, Safety Plans and many more. Each location will have one administrator who can monitor all your employees and what courses they should take. Our training also includes a huge database for MSDS that makes it easy to search for specific products. You will also be able to store all spill plans, safety procedures, etc. on the site and employees can have access to any forms/procedures you choose to load at their fingertips. Please call for a demo today.

What our training entails...

Certificate Validation

As part of the Choice MedWaste training and monitoring system we offer all clients a certificate validation system.  The system allows for anyone in receipt of a user’s certificate of completion for a specific training to be validated from our website.  This system gives regulators and inspectors the ability to independently validate training records with confidence.

Compliance & Administrative Training

Keeping our clients up to date with our unique content library of OSHA training courses is what we do best!  Our team of safety and compliance experts constantly update our content to ensure our clients have access to the best information possible when it comes to training.  With our proprietary delivery system we make learning simple, easy and fun while covering a wide variety of mandatory training courses such as Blood Borne Pathogens, HIPAA Training, Hazard Communication and many more.

Safety Wizards for Custom Safety Plans

Choice’s training program has developed a proprietary way of managing hard to understand safety plans.  With our easy to use system, users can create, manage and update reports with a few simple steps. Safety plans include such plans as Injury Illness Prevention and Fire Safety and Prevention