The above picture is an example of what our driver will supply your team on every single pick up of medical waste disposal. There are four carbon copies of this shipping paper. The first copy provided will show what we picked up or dropped off, our driver’s signature and a signature from a member of your staff. This will also identify the different waste streams we are picking up. After the waste is safely and properly disposed of, we receive the original and final destruction copies of the shipping papers from our disposal facility. You will see a signature and a date on the bottom from the disposal site. Our customers will receive all their completed shipping papers monthly via mail with their invoices. We keep copies of every shipping paper so if your staff ever needs help locating a particular pick up, we are happy to assist!

Keeping Manifest Storage Accessible....

Choice uses the latest technology and will have all our clients manifests at their fingertips. For current customers, please log in at the top right of the screen. For future customers, you will be able to access all your manifest records as soon as they are available from us. You will have a designated log in and can sort, filter, organize, and print any groups or single manifests you are requesting.

Give us a call and we are sure to make your medical waste document storage less of a hassle for you and your team.