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Three Benefits of Choice MedWaste’s Flexible Pricing Model

Updated: Feb 7

Why Choose Choice MedWaste for your Medical Waste

At Choice MedWaste, we value your time and your business — and we know that saving money is on the top of your list of priorities. We’re proud to offer a flexible pricing model that allows you to pay per-container when ordering your medical waste containers, sharps containers, and amalgam waste containers in Wilmington DE. Continue reading to learn more about why our flexible pricing model is superior to contractual competitors.

  1. No expensive contracts. At Choice MedWaste, we don’t force you to enter a long and expensive contract for medical waste and amalgam disposal in Lancaster County you need. You know your business better than anyone else — so you can order the items you need, when you need them, without worrying about a long term commitment.

  2. You only pay for what you need. Some competitors force their customers to pay one monthly flat-rate fee to get the medical boxes and containers that they need. At Choice MedWaste, we prefer to allow our clients to customize their orders on an individual level. We offer a per-box pricing model that allows yourr facility to generate as many or as few boxes of medical waste a year. If you generate less waste, you save more, if you generate more waste, the price per box stays the same without any overage fees. This way, no matter the size of your business, Choice MedWaste will have an option for you.  

  3. You save space in your facility. If you are working in a small medical facility, you know that space is a premium — you don’t want to waste space storing medical waste supplies that you aren’t ready to use. With our flexible pricing model, you can use your space more efficiently by only purchasing the supplies your facility needs right now — we’ll never pressure you into a contract in order to sell you a guaranteed amount of products/services

Choice MedWaste is Pennsylvania’s most trusted source for safe and responsible medical waste disposal. Give us a call today at 302-262-8261 to learn more or to schedule a delivery to your facility today!

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